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We are the monopoly marketing agency of the "Ekushe Annapurnaa" project of BENFISH on behalf of Lords Bluetech Co. Pvt. Ltd.



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Address: Benfish Bhawan, 5th Floor, Sec-V, Saltlake

Timing: Monday to Friday, 2pm to 5pm

Phone: 9883130410 / 9831300729

Details Rturn of Investment

Business Support

1)      A ready food selling business opportunity with project ২১শে অন্নপূর্ণা

2)      Brand support of BENFISH and Govt. of West Bengal

3)      Semi ready foods delivery to your van

4)      Return of non salable foods

5)       Media Promotion for all vans

6)      A highly demanding food business first time in West Bengal

Equipment Support

1)      A battery operated Van (5x16 ft. service area and 5x26 ft total area after unfold)

2)      A Bain-Marie

3)      A Fryer

4)      A Burner

5)      A refrigerator (100L)

6)      An Inverter (850W)

7)      A Warmer

8)      LPG Gas Chamber

9)      *Generator of 5kba (Only for advanced Agency)

10)   *Griller of 1500W (Only for advanced Agency)

11)   *Micro oven 1500W (Only for advanced Agency)

12)   *Coffee and Tea maker 1500W ( Only for advanced Agency)


ROI – Return On Investment

Benfish Mobile outlet has a great BRAND and DEMAND. So the Return On Investment is quite high. Here we are giving an example of ROI .

1)      Ekushe Annapurna @ Rs.21    Profit 10%

2)      Fish Biriyani @ Rs.90  profit 20%

3)      Fried Fish @ Rs.60  profit 20%

4)      Fish Orly @ Rs.90  profit 20%

5)      Fish Cutlet @ Rs.50  profit 20%

6)      Corn Fry Fish @ Rs.50  profit 20%

7)      Fish Ball @ Rs.50  profit 20%

8)      Fish Nuggets @ Rs.50  profit 20%

9)      Fish Pasta @ Rs.50  profit 20%

10)   Fish Spring Roll @ Rs.50  profit 20%

11)  Masala Fried Pomfret : Rs. 60  profit 20%

12)  Thai steamed fish: Rs. 60  profit 20%

13)  Hariyali Machli with Onion pulao: Rs. 70  profit 20%

14)  Green masala fish fry: Rs.70  profit 20%

15)  Fish Tikka Wrap(Roll): Rs.40  profit 20%

16)  Fish Tikka : Rs.50  profit 20%

17)  South Indian Ghee Rice with Tawa Fish: Rs.60  profit 20%

18)  Prawn Pakora chilli: Rs. 60  profit 20%

19)  Prawn Pulao: Rs.90  profit 20%

20)  Prawn Cutlet: Rs.80  profit 20%

21)  Breaded fried Prawn: Rs.80  profit 20%

As an example, if you are selling only 20 plates of each items/day in an ordinary way.

Then your daily profit is about Rs. 5,000 and Rs.1,50,000/ month.

And salary of 2 staffs + charging bill+ gas is approx Rs.20,000 – Rs.40,000/ month

So, a monthly profit of Rs.1,00,000 or yearly profit of Rs.12,00,000 is quite normal. But for the high value areas the profit will be much more.

***NOTE: This is just an example of profit, The actual figure of profit may have no similarity with the shown example.


Rs. 9,00,000 or Rs. 11,00,000